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土居 怜史さんは、東京・渋谷にある「PELLS COFFEE & BAR」でバリスタとして勤務されている今年28歳になる青年です。憩いの場であり、交流の場であり、文化活動の交わる場であるカフェで、喫茶を楽しむ方たちをおもてなしされている土居さんの、バリスタになったキッカケや、気になっている事柄、など質問させていただきました。日本の主流文化の一つとなっているコーヒーカルチャーのシーンで日々を過ごす一人の青年の意識を覗いてみてください。

Satoshi Doi is a young man who turns 28 years old this year. He is working as a barista in “PELLS COFFEE & BAR” in Shibuya, Tokyo. It is a cafe that is a place where relaxation, social interaction, and cultural activity intersect. I asked him the reason why he became a barista, what he is into now, and some other questions as he was welcoming people in his cafe.
Please look into the consciousness of a young man who spends his days in the coffee scene, which is now an important part of Japanese culture.


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Question No.1:バリスタをはじめたキッカケをおしえていただけますか?
Could you tell me how you started your career as a barista?

最初に働いたBROOKLYN ROASTING COMPANYでひとつひとつのコーヒーの風味の違いの面白さ、淹れる人によって出る味の違いの面白さを知ってから自分もそのコーヒーの風味を体感して喜んでもらいたいと思ったのが始まりです。

I first worked at BROOKLYN ROASTING COMPANY. It was interesting to learn the difference in flavor depending on the kind of coffee beans and the person who makes the coffee. I started thinking that I wanted to make people happy by making coffee.

Question No.2:バリスタとして、大切にしている事をお聞かせいただけますか?
As a barista, what is the most important to you?

To not waste any beans. To keep the surroundings beautiful. To make it fun for people to visit my shop.

Question No.3:バリスタとして接客する日常において、たくさんのお客さんとお話をされる機会が多いと思うのですが、いま一番気になっている事や、もの、あるいは人を教えてください。

I think that there are many opportunities to talk with many different customers in daily life as a barista, Please tell me the things or people that are most on your mind now.


I love baseball because I used to play it. I still love to watch baseball news on Youtube before going to bed, So now I am very interested in Shohei Otani who will play for Angels in the MLB starting this next season. Mr. Otani will play as a pitcher and also a outfielder and that has surprised people not only in Japan but also all over the world. He’s gotten the attention of the world’s media and he’s unbelievably amazing. I am paying attention to everything he does this season.

Question No.4:このグローブをチョイスした理由や、気分を聞かせてください。
Please tell me the reason why you chose these gloves.



I chose ones I could use even for outdoor camping. They’ve got grips on the palm and seemed to go along with my Barbour coat (worn in the photo). I want to go camping.

Question No.5:手袋で思いつくエピソードがあれば教えてください。
Do you have any memorable stories about gloves?

I have lost one of a pair … made a hole at the tip of the finger … I will not lose these gloves or make any holes. I would like to use them carefully.

Question No.6:2018年はどんなしたいですか?
What kind of year would you like to have in 2018?

2018年は笑っていたいです。2017年も笑ってましたけど、周りも笑って自分も笑っていたい。 コーヒーに関しても、自分がもっと前に出て面白いことをしたいと思っています。

I would like to laugh a lot in 2018. I was laughing in 2017, but I also want people around me to laugh and smile. In the coffee world, I want be more active and do interesting things with it.

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