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武蔵小山のブックカフェ。Tokyo coffee guide 2020 | Entry No.9 HEIMAT CAFE


Tokyo coffee guide 2020
Entry No.9 HEIMAT CAFE(武蔵小山駅

Tokyo Coffee Guide 2020
Entry No. 9 : HEIMAT CAFE ( Musashi Koyama station )



Until about 15 years ago, there was a person whose hobby was “human observation” while drinking coffee at a cafe. However, recently there were plenty of people to use smartphones and PCs, and few people read.
Meanwhile, the place called “KISSATEN” exists as a place to read printed letters such as newspapers, magazines, books, cartoons, etc. I think that people who like KISSATEN like it including such places.


武蔵小山のHEIMAT CAFE。喫茶店とよばれるジャンルではないですが、店内に文庫本棚を設置していてカフェのお客さんならばそれらは全て読めるし、欲しかったら買うこともできる活字好きにオススメのカフェ。


ネットでしらべるとこのお店は「学芸大学にある書店「SUNNY BOY BOOKS」のブック・コンシェルジュが選んだというこだわりの本が1000冊以上」揃えられているとのこと。


HEIMAT CAFE of Musashi Koyama. Set up a large bookshelf inside the shop. Customers can read them all. And you can also buy it if you want it. A cafe recommended for reading.
Since shelves are categorized in genres, it is easy to make choices. The book is covered with a “transparent book cover”. The place where the secondhand book is cherished is transmitted.
There are more than 1000 books on this shop that have been selected by the book / concierge, and it is aligned.The store name Heimat is German and means “the hometown of the heart”. The theme of collecting books is “HEIMAT = nostalgia of the heart”. I see.

このお店は、映画のB0かB1サイズくらいの大きな様々なポスターが掲出されている。この前にいったときには「ヴィムベンダースのParis, Texas」だった。

A variety of posters are posted at this shop, about B 0 or B 1 size movies. When I went before this, it was “Wim Benders’ Paris, Texas.”


One blended coffee is 400 yen. Instead of 100 yen you can also stay long. And the large table immediately after entrance is equipped with Free-Wifi and power supply. It is convenient for Mr. Nomad as it can also be used with a PC.

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〒152-0002 Tokyo, 3-5-6 Meguro, Megurohoncho, Tokyo