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Tokyo coffee guide 2020 | Entry No.5 Dear All

Dear All


Tokyo coffee guide 2020
Entry No.5:Dear All(笹塚駅)

Tokyo Coffee Guide 2020
Entry No. 5 : Dear All ( Sasazuka station)

Dear All(ディア オール)は笹塚駅から徒歩5分ほどで甲州街道沿いになるコーヒーショップで、半年ほど前にオープン。店内はヒノキを中心とした木材とコンクリートで作られたミニマルでモダンジャパニーズなしつらえ。各テーブルには小さな花や植物が花器に置かれている。とても落ち着いた空間は、掛け軸や活け花を飾る場所「床の間」を連想させてくれるお店です。

Dear All is a coffee shop a 5-minute walk from Sasazuka Station. It opened about half a year ago. The inside of the store is made of modern Japanese made of wood and concrete, mainly of Hinoki. And on each table small flowers or plants are placed in the vase. Reminiscent of a place “TOKONOMA” decorating hanging scrolls and IKEBANA in a calm space.

ここでいただいたコーヒーはコンゴをドリップで。シドニー発祥のロースター[Single Origin Roasters]が、東京都の墨田区にもオープンしており、そこの豆を使用しているよう。



Here i order drip from Congo coffee. Sydney birth roster “Single Origin Roasters” is also opened in Sumida – ku, Tokyo. They used beans there.
Extract information from the website, Coffee buyers from all over the world are paying attention to Congo, which has achieved remarkable quality improvement in just a few years.
It is the first time to drink Congo’s coffee. As a specialty coffee production center, I think that they got various support and jumped out to the world, and profit was reduced.  BARISTA of Mr. Minemura says, “I think it is our job to tell the value of 500 yen for a cup of coffee.”

Dear Allは友達のファッションディレクター近藤昌平くんにお誘いをいただき訪問させていただきました。

Dear All was invited by my friend ‘s fashion director Shohei Kondo.

Shohey Kondo – Fashion Director & PR



私自身も、みんながぼんやりしている朝に思いに耽りながら飲むコーヒーが一番大好きです。居心地のいい店内と気さくなバリスタの2人がいるDear All。こんなお店が近所にあったらいいなと思いました。

Shohei-kun says, “The coffee shop uses properly according to the purpose, I am going to go here when I want to drink delicious coffee.”
I visited this morning at 10:00 in the morning. Another BARISTA · HOSHI says “It is sacred time to drink the most delicious coffee in the morning.”
I also love coffee drinking while drinking in my mind in a blurred morning. Dear All with a cozy interior and a friendly BARISTA. I thought it would be nice to have such a shop in the neighborhood.

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Dear ALL

Dear All
1 Chome-59-5 Sasazuka, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0073