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Tokyo coffee guide 2020 | Entry No.2 Pencil and Paper

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Tokyo coffee guide 2020
Entry No.2:Pencil and Paper(恵比寿駅)

Tokyo Coffee Guide 2020
Entry No. 2: Pencil and Paper (Ebisu Station)

恵比寿駅から徒歩5分くらいにあるPencil and Coffee。古民家がリノベーションされたカフェ&ギャラリーです。メインストリートから奥まった住宅街の中にあり、静かな佇まいは恵比寿にいるということを忘れそうな素晴らしい空間です。このお店に行くことを決めていたので、このお店では手紙を書こうと持参しました。
Pencil and Coffee which is about 10 minutes on foot from Ebisu station. It is a cafe & gallery where old houses were renovated. It is located in a residential area behind the main street. It is a very quiet shop and I forget to stay in the city. I brought a letter at this shop to write a letter.

There are five kinds of beans of roasting of yourself. Nos. 1 to 5 were arranged in order of acidity in order. You can choose paper drip or Nell drip. Milk coffee can be drunk for an additional 100 yen. There is no coffee latte.

My order is Honduras. It is ¥ 500 by paper drip. Special dripper is small and Very cute.

I love coffee dome. The temperature to extract coffee is from 87 to 88 degrees. It was measured with a thermometer.

丁寧なドリップコーヒー、お店の雰囲気、そして「Pencil and Paper」というネーミングセンス、すべて一流を感じるお店でした。これから何度もいくと思います。その時もまた、このお店では手紙を書こうと思います。
A polite drip coffee, the atmosphere of the shop, and the naming sense “Pencil and Paper”, it was a shop that felt all the top notch. It is a shop that will go many times from now. Even then I think I will write a letter at this shop.

Not only coffee, but also monthly soup and cake are prepared. People who have reduced hungry are also available

📶・・・No Service
🔌・・・No Service

Pencil and Paper
東京都渋谷区恵比寿南3-2-7 PENCIL AND PAPER

pencil and Paper
3-2-7 Ebisu Minami Shibuya-ku, Tokyo PENCIL AND PAPER




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