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Andrew Curry – At The Borders of Nothingness

8月5日(土)より、自由が丘のdiginner Galleryにて取り組まれる写真展[ At The Borders of Nothingness ]は、アメリカのサンフランシスコから、現在は東京をベースに活動する写真家 アンドリュー・カリー氏の展示である。




Andrew Curry – Photographer

My name is Andrew Curry, I am a Tokyo-based photographer, who came to Japan by way of San Francisco, USA.
I grew up in a beach town in Florida in the States, and I spent much my youth skateboarding and making skateboard videos with my friends. I had always been interested in photography and cinema, but it wasn’t until I had started to slow down with skateboarding, due to an injury, that I began to get serious and passionate about photography. The need for a creative outlput was high, and photography filled that need perfectly for me.
I enjoy the challenge of shooting street photography, and it reminds me of skateboarding, but I also find beauty in landscape and still-life photography as well.



私はアメリカのフロリダのビーチタウンで育って、若い頃はスケートボードやスケートボードのビデオを作りながら友達と過ごしました。 いつも写真や映画に関心を持っていましたが、スケートボードで怪我をしてから写真に真剣に没頭し始めました。クリエイティブなアウトプットを求め、写真が私の欲求を満たしていました。


▶︎What kind of camera do you use? Also, please tell me your favorite film.

– カメラ、フィルムは何を使用していますか?

I use several different cameras depending on the situation and mood.

For film, I use either a Contax G1, Contax T2 or a Canon A1. My favorite out of these is the Contax G1 with Zeiss Biogon 28mm f2.8 lens…that lens is incredible! My favorite films are either Kodak Portra 400 or Fujifilm Natura 1600 (which, sadly, they are discontinuing soon)

For digital work, I use a Sony A7, with vintage lenses or a Fujifilm X100F.


状況や雰囲気によっていくつかのカメラを使い分けています。フィルムカメラだと、ContaxのG1かT2、もしくはCanon A1です。お気に入りはContax G1とZeiss Biogon 28mm f2.8レンズの組合せですね。このレンズが凄いんですよ!フィルムはKodak Portra 400かFujifilm Natura 1600(悲しい事にもうすぐ生産終了ですが)が気に入っています。

デジタルカメラでの撮影では、Sony A7とヴィンテージのレンズの組合せか、Fujifilm X100Fを使用しています。


▶︎I like your Hong Kong picture. In the 1990’s, the color of neon that I saw in Japan a lot. Such a scenery is still in Hong Kong. Let me hear your thoughts about Hong Kong. And Please introduce one favorite picture.

– あなたの香港の写真がとても好きです。1990年頃には日本で見られたようなネオンカラーが、香港にはまだ存在していますね。香港についてどう捉えてますか?

Thank you. I have been inspired by the sights and the feelings of Hong Kong since I was in High School, so I was very inspired when I shot there. I was content just to roam the streets of the city and shoot photos as there is so much to explore and so much visual information to take in. Unfortunately, I hear that Hong Kong is changing a lot though; lots of the amazing neon signs are being taken down or replaced with LED lights. I feel HK will lose some of its soul when this happens. I am happy that I was able to visit when I did, my only regret is that I wish I could have gone 20 years ago.




▶︎The pictures taken in Japan are also nice. Please tell me your favorite AREA.


Thanks. Of course, Japan is constantly inspiring my works as well. Like Hong Kong, Tokyo is also very dense, and there is constantly is so much happening and always so many opportunities to make photographs here as well. I love shooting in Shitamachi. I used to live in Kuramae, which is near Asakusa, and I would often find myself just walking down random side streets, and there was always an interesting house, or building or someone to photograph. I like shooting Shibuya at night as well.



▶︎I think that Japanese taxis are photogenic. Your pictures, too. Is there any reason?

– 最近、日本のタクシーがフォトジェニックだと感じるようになったのですが、あなたの写真にもタクシーがたくさんありますよね? 理由があれば教えてください。

Yes, I agree as well, taxis are very photogenic! I think that because the taxis in Japan are painted such unique and, sometimes, beautiful colors, they stand out and catch one’s eye. Also, they are always kept in immaculate condition yet they look like a design from 1980, and this creates an interesting contrast. Another reason, and it has to do with them being so clean, is that the light reflects off them beautifully at night.




▶︎What kind of photos do you want to take in the future?

– この先、どんな写真を撮っていきたいですか?

Great questions. Of course, I will continue to shoot photos daily, wherever I am at, but more specifically I would like to work on a project where I document a smaller, less-known, town in Japan. Especially a city which is known for its extraordinary craftsmanship. I would like to document not only the people and crafts here but also the town as a whole, so you can get a complete picture of the area.




▶︎There is Your Photo exhibition [ At The Borders of Nothingness ] at Diginner Gallery in August. Please introduce about that.

– Diginner Galleryでの写真展 [ At The Borders of Nothingness ] について、紹介してください。

I am humbled and thrilled to be showing at Diginner Gallery as it’s such a beautiful gallery, and the owner, Hiro (and his family) are wonderful people who support artists.

The show’s title is: At The Borders of Nothingness.

I will showcase photos which were taken in both Japan and Hong Kong, and I am looking to reveal the quiet and human moments that exist in between the chaotic ones in these incredibly dense cities.

There will an almost 50/50 mix of daytime photos and nighttime photos. I shot the photos on both film and digital.

Hiro has done a fantastic job of helping me get what I need for a successful show, and I am so grateful for that so thank you, Hiro!


Diginner Galleryのような美しいギャラリーで展示することになって、大変光栄だし、すごく嬉しいです。オーナーのヒロ(とその家族)は、アーティストをサポートしている素晴らしい人たちです。

タイトルは「At The Borders of Nothingness」としました。展示する写真は、日本と香港で撮ったもので、非常に濃密なそれぞれの都市のカオスの中にある、静寂と人々の営みを写しました。日中と夜間の写真がほぼ半々になり、フィルムとデジタルの両方で撮っています。この展示を成功させるために、ヒロの手助けは不可欠でした。とても感謝しています。あらためて、ありがとう!

Andrew Curry Photo Exhibitio
– At The Borders of Nothingness –
at diginner Gallery(自由が丘)

日時:2017/8/5(土) – 8/20(日)/月曜休廊

12:00 – 20:00/最終日17:00迄

・Opening Reception Party 2017/8/5(土) 18:00 – 20:00

会場:〒152-0035 東京都目黒区自由が丘1-11-2

☎︎ 03-6421-1517   Mail


Andrew Curry【At The Borders of Nothingness】