フィンランド式サウナ。恵比寿でととのう。Tokyo Hostel Guide – 022 – ℃(ドシー)恵比寿店

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Tokyo Hostel Guide – 022 – ℃(ドシー)恵比寿店

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Finnish style sauna can be enjoyed near JR Ebisu station. Introducing cheap capsule hotel.

Convenient location 3 minutes on foot from JR Ebisu station.

Finnish style sauna.

熱く焼けた石(サウナストーン)の上に水をかけて蒸気を発生させ、体感温度を上げます。これをロウリュ(löyly)といい、フィンランドでは 温度、湿度、換気、ロウリュのバランスが整ったサウナがよいサウナとされています。

Water is sprinkled on hot stone to generate steam. Then, the sensible temperature rises. This is called Loury (löyly).In Finland, a sauna with well-balanced temperature, humidity, ventilation and rouro is considered a good sauna.

サウナはもちろん、男女別。手前にある桶にはミントの香りがするアロマ水が設置されており、奥に見える熱く焼けた石(サウナストーン)に当て水をするとサウナ室内に清々しい香りが漂う。Sauna is separated by gender. Tuna in front has aroma water scented with mint.Pour water on a hotly burned stone (sauna stone). There is a fresh scent in the sauna room.


℃ (Doshi), there is no bathtub. Instead, showers at 30 ° C, 25 ° C, 20 ° C and 15 ° C are present. After leaving the sauna, refresh the body with each shower. Then you will enter the sauna again. Repeat, you will be very relaxing.

シャワー。左から30℃、25℃、20℃、見えませんが一番右は15℃。15℃のシャワーはとても冷たい!Shower. 30 ° C, 25 ° C, 20 ° C from the left. I can not see it in this picture, but the shower on the far right is 15 ℃. The 15 ℃ shower is very cold!


Clean shower room, air-conditioned interior and bedroom. I spent comfortably.

カプセルルーム。部屋の中にはテレビはない。Capsule bedroom. There is no TV in the room.

アメニティは、パジャマ、タオル(大1枚ず)、スリッパ、歯ブラシセットが宿泊料に含まれています。シャワールームのシャンプーとコンディショナー、ボディーソープは東京の老舗石鹸ブランド“TAMANOHADA 006(ミント)”。



Amenity includes pajamas, towels (one large piece), slippers, toothbrush set included in the room rate.

The shampoo and conditioner of the shower room and the body soap are the long-established soap brand of Tokyo “TAMANOHADA 006 (mint)”.

I want to use it even at home with a comfortable feeling.

The skin care set is sold at the front desk. Four-piece set of cleansing gel, facial foam, skin lotion, milky lotion (110 yen)

サウナフロアには洗面台があり、ドライヤーも無料で使えます。There is a sink in the sauna floor. Of course, you can also use a hair dryer for free.


エントランスは施設の2階。そこまでは階段を歩いて登ります。Entrance is the second floor of the facility. You walk on the stairs until the second floor.


A checkout call flows in the hotel and checked out at 10 am. There is a famous coffee Shop (sarutahiko coffee) in the neighborhood. So, I went for a drink of morning coffee.

(RoToTo):VELOUR WOOL SOCKS :¥1,728 / (GUCCI)Womens flat loafers:¥105,840


℃ (Doshi), had many foreign tourists. The staff seems to be able to speak English.

By the way, When you consecutive nights, you can put your luggage in the locker room. But, check-out is necessary every morning.

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Finally, I will introduce the accommodation experiment by YOUTUBE.